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About the Farm

   My husband, Lester, and I have owned the farm for over 25 years. We raised and showed Palomino Quarter Horses and had a Angus/ Charlois cow calf operation. 20 Years before it became vogue we treated the cattle and calves gently whether or not we were remunerated at the market place for the extra expense and time. We always weaned 45-60 days before we sold calves and used fence line weaning to reduce stress of cows and calves. All cows and calves were given the protection of vaccines and the professional services of a veterinarian. We check full term momma cows -March and April- 3 or 4 times day and night to ensure we are available to assist if labor is difficult. We don't take sick cows to market.
Herd bull is a Reg Black Angus with specific EPD's for calving ease and high weaning weights. The 30 dams/ Momma cows are Black Angus, white face Angus(Black Baldys) and Charlois daughters that are crossed with Angus.
We are business people who love animals and value a good reputation above money. Our farm animal's care has never been compromised in order to make a profit. The cattle are indeed a business to us but we have made our main living in other ways- vacant land, orange groves and pecan orchards.
My parents, Edna and Bill Hart raised their family in Stuart, Florida starting in the 1950's. I was born in Florida and graduated from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. We have a home near Tampa in Port Richey, Florida and spend 2 weeks in FL then 2 weeks at the farm in Tenn. every month. YES, even in the winter. Our farm manager is James caring, responsible, and a partner who works 7 days a week the 2 weeks we are gone. I am hands on, drive the tractor bush hogging, deliver calves, weed eat, chain saw, paint fences etc. Junior his father was our farm manager for 20 years until he retired at 83 yr. old. I am certified advanced Master Beef Producers and attend many classes and educational seminars to continually improve the well being of the farm and its animals.
Most of our hay, 95 tons a year, comes from Frank Lovell & Alfred Wilson. Who soil tests and fertilizes their fields. They are meticulous in planning their hay harvest and getting the hay up dry. We test all hay for quality and nutrients.
Our Johnson County Agent, Rick Thomason, has known us for 20 years and is a reference you can call to verify our reputation. I was a volunteer coach for 4-H and FFA in horse judging. Having a team that represented Tennessee at National Competition.
I believe God has blessed us with a productive and joyful life. I am thankful to share it with you.

   We thank you for visiting our web site and we look forward to seeing you visits our farm.


Barbara Ann Mallett  Lester Mallett


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