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Welcome to  Far Horizon Farms, The home of the pampered beef critters

Offering you only the finest " Tennessee grass fed beef" for your family.

We are business people who love animals and value a good reputation above money. Our farm animal's care has never been compromised in order to make a profit. The mental and physical well being of our beef has always been the PRIMARY driver in our care.  The farmer ladies of Far Horizon Farms pride themselves on the gentle & loving care for their pampered animals.    

 Far Horizon Farms - Tennessee grass fed beef Beef

We are offering to you the opportunity to purchase a farm raised calf, born from one of our 30 coddled momma cows, to provide wholesome grass feed beef from a known and trusted source for your family.   The calves are born on our picturesque 140 acre farm in rural north east Tennessee and live their entire life on our farm grazing on fields of fresh green grass and specially selected quality hay for in the winter. The small herd of 30 calves are cared for by the farmers from birth, Barbara Ann Mallet and our farm manager Betty Wilson. We have spared no expense for the veterinarians who care and administer to the health & medical needs of  our Herd.

    Beef on the hoof      Beef

Our beef critters are specially raised to your preference, whether you want purely grass fed beef,  or you want grass fed then finished on high quality grain.   Regardless of your choice all calves are raised in beautiful green pastures their whole lives.

Far Horizon Farms Beef Welfare Standards:

* No supplemental growth hormones
* Born and Raised all their lives on 140 acres of open pastures
* Hay fed in winter is stored in a dry barn and fed in covered hay rings for high quality hay
*Calves are fed chop for 7 days when weaned, and occasionally by handful in troughs to keep calves gentle and coming close to us so we can ascertain they are healthy. Also it is less scary for calf if they want to follow us when we need to move them
* Shelter provided under the trees, or run in sheds
* Never are our beef in a feedlot
* Never are our mamma cows or calves left to suffer unattended. The mental and physical well being of our beef has always been the PRIMARY driver in our care, not that the cost to keep them comfortable exceeds their economic return.
*Written records on each calf documenting IF or,when medical treatment is necessary.


Do You Love Steak?

We offer you only the finest grass fed beef at a competitive prices.

Grass Fed Beef steak

When you buy the beef from us "on the hoof"
as a courtesy we will deliver to a highly reputable processor
for cutting,shrink wrapping and quick freezing.

Grass Fed Beef

We encourage you and your family to visit us on Far Horizon Farms, in Mountain City, located in North East Tennessee, meet us, see our operation and the cattle.
Once you have, we think you'll agree that we have some of the healthiest & wholesome pampered grass fed beef on the market today.

Offering only the finest" grass fed beef"  available is our promise to you.

Far Horizon Farms



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